"Pick My Brain" 1 hour e-design consult

"Pick My Brain" 1 hour e-design consult

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Are YOU Stuck??

You have some ideas of what you want to do. You have some pictures.  You have some color chips. You have ideas for furniture you want to buy.  You're not sure how some of the new items would work with your current furniture.  Should you get rid of all your furniture in your space and start over?  BUT you're not sure what direction you should take. 

You need expert advise to help you talk over your options and give you guidance!

We will sit down (virtually) or we can walk around your house (virtually) with your phone or computer showing me your space.  You can show me pictures or samples of flooring, fabric, décor for example. 

We will discuss your current project goals, your vision and your design dilemmas. You will walk away with actionable steps and clear, concise directions for you to achieve your project goals.  You can record our call for your records.

 This package includes:

  • 1 hour DESIGN guidance on a design or room makeover.
  • We will discuss your current design dilemmas including pictures you may have or walking through your space (virtually)
  • We can discuss color options and directions you want to take but this is NOT a color consult. 
  • You will walk away with actionable steps including clear, concise directions to achieve your project goals
  • You can record the call for your notes.

For one hour we will cover as much ground as we can!

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