"Pick My Brain" 1 hour e-design consult

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You’re stuck! You’ve already started to look at your options picking out a product or color but you have questions and you need help with your direction and decision.  You’re thinking about different ideas, perhaps you’re starting to look at various samples, but you’re not sure what direction to take.  

You need to pick my brain for an hour or two to help you come up with a plan or narrow down your selection.  

We will sit down (virtually) or we can walk around your house (virtually) with your phone or computer showing me your space.  For one hour we will cover as much ground as we can. We will discuss your current project goals, your vision and your design dilemmas. You will walk away with actionable steps and clear, concise directions to achieving your project goals.  You can record our call for your records.

 This package is for you is for you:

  • you need 1 hour DESIGN guidance on a design or room makeover. You have some ideas, and maybe even pictures but you need guidance on the overall plan and design of the space and help deciding between some products that you have selected.
  • OR
  • you need 1 hour STAGING guidance advice for a few of your rooms that can be accomplished in a zoom call with your computer and camera going around your spaces where I will give you my savvy staging advise as a professional stager and house flipper.  You can record the call for your notes.

This is a one hour online consult.  A few questions can TYPICALLY be answered in one hour. 

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